Reading Female Body Language to Avoid Rejection

bodylanguage Here's one reason to read female body language: rejection avoidance. Men complain of blow offs and often blame themselves for not approaching a woman right, for acting too fresh and for not being good looking enough. Some of these things may be true but remember that approaching a lady in a party is half the battle. You have to know from the start whether she will reject you or not. Spare yourself the agony of guesswork and analyze her actions from afar. Is she ready to meet people or is she waiting for a boyfriend to arrive? Did she attend the party alone or is she scanning the crowd for a guy she's smitten with.

1. Search the crowd for women who are scouting for a catch - A woman who is looking to be approached will stand rather straight up. Her facial muscles will be relaxed and she will show a half smile. She is probably trying to act casual while idly scanning the crowd and she may be holding a drink in one hand.

2. Is she smoothing her hair? - Part of the preening process is making sure that she looks her best during a meeting. If it's not her hair, it's her dress. She will also turn around every so often to glace at a mirror. A guy can practice reading female body language a few minutes before he approaches, just to familiarize himself with the signs that a woman sends out to indicate that she is really available.

3. Watch her while she talks with other people - Notice slow crossing and uncrossing of the legs. If she delicately balances her shoe on the toe of one foot it may mean she's totally comfortable talking to this guy. Some female body language signs that convey comfort include tucking of the feet under the chair while caressing or fiddling with a part of her face or clothing.

4. Direct eye contact - You will often catch a woman looking at you directly. Watch as she looks away embarrassed as soon as you catch her. A direct gaze is a sign that she wants attention herself. But don't approach just yet. Send your own signals and let her continue showing you female body language signs that she's eager to talk to you.

5. Look for shoulders and torsos that are pointing towards you. - You can test this female body language inside a grocery store. If you pass by aisle and a woman is right there reading some ingredients on a product, her body will follow you even when her eyes are looking down. This is one sign that a woman is noticing you without looking directly at you, and this could be used as a cue to identify those at a party who are already aware of your presence.

6. Demure gestures - Every woman can act demure when in the presence of a good looking guy. It doesn't matter how empowered a woman is, when she's in front of a guy she likes, she will most likely act coy and somewhat shy. Subtle tilting of her head and laughing flirtatiously are some of the gestures to look for.

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