Earn Money Reviewing Products

Would you like to earn extra cash for reviewing products you normally use? Below are a few online companies that pay for reviews. The article also includes other ways to make money reviewing products or services.

ReviewStream.com pays textarea.50 per review accepted. If the review does not meet their criteria, you can choose to earn the bulk rate or the regular rate divided by 5. They accept reviews on anything including airlines, electronics, hotels, and websites. Reviews accepted by ReviewStream may not be published elsewhere. You alsoearn money if readers vote for your review. The minimum payout is .

ReviewParty.com is review site where you can earn money from Amazon or Adsense (Google Ads). You earn commission if readers purchase the product you reviewed through Amazon. You also earn revenue if people click on the Adsense ads on the page of your reviews.

SoftwareJudge.com pays you to review the software found on their site. They pay up to depending on how great the review is. The minimum amount you can earn per review is textarea. The reviews must be original and don’t have to be positive. The best contributors receive free stuff. The minimum payout is 0.
AllReaders.com and AllWatchers.com pay up to for book and movie reviews. They pay 5 cents if someone has already reviewed the book or movie, textarea - if the review is somewhat detailed, and if the review is really detailed. AllReaders.com currently doesn’t accept reviews of horror stories, short stories, children’s books, e-books, books without a central plot, or books under 200 pages in length. AllWatchers.com currently doesn’t accept reviews of horror movies, Indian films, remakes of the same name, or straight to TV movies. Reviewers can only earn a maximum of 00 and the minimum payout is .

ExpoTV.com pays for video reviews (videopinions). You earn textarea.01 each time your video is played. ExpoTV also runs promotions where you can earn even more money. With the current promotion, reviewers are paid per review (up to 50). ExpoTV also accepts video reviews of recent movies and pays per published review. For a limited time, ExpoTV is paying when you refer a friend and one of their videopinions gets accepted and published. They pay once a month through Paypal.

Bzzagent.com gives members (agents) free products and services and pays them to share their opinions with family, friends, on their blog, on forums, etc. Agents don’t get paid but keep the products they reviewed. They also receive special offers and discounts for themselves and their friends.

AssociatedContent.com pays – for reviews and articles. Epinions.com is a site where reviewers are paid based on the amount of views they receive. If you own a blog that has been active for at least 3 months, you can earn extra cash by reviewing products and services within blog posts. Companies like payperpost.com, smorty.com, blogitive.com and blogsvertise.com pay you a fixed amount of money to discuss or mention advertiser products within your blog.

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nice one...
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makasih kang sharenya. . .

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Good ways to make some mony from reviews,thanks for sharing it.

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