The Corporate Takeover of the Motorcycle Club Universe

Everyone who has been reading any of what I have been writing over the past few years, Knows I fight for Bikers Rights , Safety and Unity. In the past few months my big concern has been the new Biker Movies and TV shows coming out like "Hell Ride" and "Sons of Anarchy" I knew these shows would have people wanting to join Motorcycle Clubs for all the wrong reasons! One thing I know will happen is many people will go out and put patches on there backs and think they are now a Motorcycle Club and start acting the way they saw the Clubs in the Movies act. As I have stated in other articles, most Clubs for many years have been working for the betterment and unity of the Motorcycle Club world. Most Motorcycle Club's want to put the Hollywood Biker Gang image way behind them. They want to focus on the Brotherhood that is the heart of all Motorcycle Clubs.

A lot of Motorcycle Clubs make really good money selling their Support Shirts and gear. Over the past few years I have seen a lot of large chain department stores selling T-shirts that are Dangerously Close to the Colors/Patches of Some of the worlds Major Clubs. It does not take much for one to assume these Stores know what they are doing and they just do not care about the people who buy these shirts or any of us in the biker world, All they care about is the cash flow! When Motorcycle Clubs contact these stores about copyright infringement the response from most if not all of these companies to the clubs is one of you don't count or matter! When I see a person who knows nothing about the biker world wearing one of these shirts I understand that person just does not know better, But when I see a person who is a biker wearing one of these shirts I let him know "He is selling us all out " There are too many who use the excuse they are only weekend warriors! I understand cash runs the world so these companies are going to try to skate the line by changing these shirts just enough so they can't be sued under copyright laws and all the wannabe bikers will buy these shirts and wear them! In my opinion it is a total kick in the nuts to every biker out there!

Well as if those shirts where not bad enough I was recently informed of a jean company who has come out with T-shirts that are Motorcycle Club Member T-shirts of Fictional Motorcycle Clubs ! Go to the websites and to see these shirts. Anyone from the new rider to the old time Club Member who saw a person wearing one of these shirts could easily think that person is a member of a real Motorcycle Club . These Shirts are made by some rich corporation who probably does not care what they are doing ! The shirts go for around $52-$65 ! For $20 you can go out and buy a real Motorcycle Clubs Support shirt and Support the Biker World. The final insult to all in the Biker world is on the left sleeve there is a Diamond, this leads me to believe that the Manufacturers of these shirts knows at least a little bit about what they are doing. From the pictures I can not see if it says 1% inside the Diamond, But even if it does not it can be mistaken for one. The 1% Diamond is supposed to mean you are part of an elite Motorcycle Club the best of the best, and if you are wearing the shirt of a fictional Motorcycle Club that you paid $60 for, Well then you do not even rank as high as a wannabe Biker in my Book!

Motorcycle Clubs do not all always get along, But we all have always taken great pride in what we are and what we stand for! The true Bikers are the ones who know what "Freedom" really is! We are the ones who feel it for the rest of the world every time one of our rights gets taken away. The mass population walks around with their head up their ass not caring about the things they are no longer aloud to do!

My one concern about posting this is that more people will be exposed to these shirts and buy them and wear them! If you respect anything about the Biker world not only will you not buy these shirts you will speak out and let those who make these shirts know you think this is an insult! When you are at a store and you see a biker looking shirt that looks like the patch of a Motorcycle Club you will speak out, Even if its a club you are not a fan of, It is still an insult to all Clubs and all true Bikers! I remember hearing as a child that all Bikers where "Brothers in the wind" No matter what they ride. I always figured that even if you did not like your Brother you would always fight along side him when he was under attack! I feel this is an attack on all of us at the very heart of what we are ! So I ask those out there that came before for me, what they think and what do we do next ?

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