How To Buy A Down Comforter Set

By Joel Rhodes

comforter_set When looking for a down comforter set then you need to realize the differences in quality between a good one and a bad one. Making the right choice when buying is a difficult choice and you need to go into it with your eyes open. I have laid out six tips for you to help you with your choice.

1. In the U.S. they use the phrase "fill power" to describe how the warmth measurement of a down comforter is. The higher the fill power the warmer the comforter is.

2. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a synthetic filling for a comforter is better than a down filling. A synthetic filling tends not to have even warmth across the whole comforter. A down one is special because of the clusters of down trap air which keeps the warmth factor even all over.

3. A good indicator of the quality of a comforter is the level of stitching on the quilting. Good stitching makes a difference to the level of warmth in a comforter.

4. Some comforters contain more feathers but try to make sure that you you buy one with more down than feathers. This is also a good sign of the quality of what you are buying.

5. If you live in climate where the winters can be hard and the summers sultry hot then it would be a good idea to buy 2 comforter sets for both seasons. You should look for a heavy fill for the winter and a light fill for the summer.

6. Before you make any purchase of a comforter set then you need to be aware of any allergies that you or your partner might have. Most down comforters are either duck or goose so be sure you do not have any allergic reactions to these birds. If you do then you might have to settle for a synthetic filling.

As you can see there are many decisions that you need to make before you part with your money for a good pillow, comforter and other bedding so make sure you get the best value for money when you do make that purchase.

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