Five Tips To Choosing The Best Sunglasses

bvlgari_sunglassess If you are trying to decide on the best sunglasses to buy then you will be met with a wide range to choose from, so where should you begin? Do you just go for the cheapest pair as you know you will only break them, or do you decide now is the time to get a really decent pair of designer sunglasses. Which are the best and are they worth the added money?

The five C's to think about are Comfort, Color, Clarity, Care and Cost.

The best sunglasses for an individual should be comfortable and a good fit. While most sunglasses will be OK for normal everyday use, some activities may require a few extras. If you are buying for some sports such as cycling, you will benefit from getting padded arms and nose clips to help prevent any soreness from excessive movement.

The color of your sunglasses is a further consideration as not all colors suit every skin type or the conditions in which you may be wearing your glasses. For instance, if you are driving in really bright sunlight you will find that blue lenses will help with clarity but as an all-rounder you should consider brown lenses. Clarity can also be improved with polarized lenses that are particularly useful for pilots and fisherman.

A core issue you must be concerned with when considering the best sunglasses is your eye care. There are still too many people taking risks by not getting sufficient protection from UV rays. While there are different types of rays, all you need to worry about is making sure your sunglasses offer at least 98% (or over) protection against UV rays.

Now for one of the big one, how much will the best sunglasses cost? If you are happy with a pair for a fiver simply because you usually lose or break them, then so be it. However, do not expect your $5 ones to compare in any way with the more expensive designer ones such as Oakley or Electric sunglasses. The reason the designer sunglasses are priced as they are, is not simply because they are designer ones. These glasses are of a higher quality developed over years of technological research and tight quality control systems. The old adage applies here, "you get what you pay for"!

Now you have the five Cs to consider for the best sunglasses for you, all you need to do is go and find your ideal pair. I particularly like Electric sunglasses but there are many others to choose from and remember, even designer sunglasses can be priced fairly low.

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