Attraction Marketing " Revolutionary Techniques for Lead Generation

attraction_marketing Does your business depend on the continuous generation of new leads? If yes, then the techniques of Attraction Marketing will prove indispensable for you. These simple yet powerful techniques will help you to attract leads like iron filings get attracted to a magnet.

Advertising in Newspapers, Radio or Television is not affordable for home based businesses. The traditional approach of fishing for prospects involves making phone calls, giving classified ads, holding free seminars and trying to rope in people in your social network. Probability of success through these methods is quite low because you tend to spend your time and energy in talking to people who are basically not interested in your products.

Would it not be a good idea to pull prospects to your products instead of pushing products to them? Not only that, but also making them happy to buy your product. Well, you must try out the following principles of Attraction Marketing.

1. Knowledge of the prospect " A lot of energy is wasted by marketers trying to explain the benefits of their television set only to discover that their potential prospect is blind! Identify your prospect " age group, likes, dislikes, personality traits, buying behavior, and so on.

2. Image of the Marketer " Being perceived as a specialist in your field is highly profitable to your business. When in doubt, people refer a specialist and this is the most important thing that will attract leads to you.

3. Be present at the right place " Find out the places which are regularly visited by your prospects and be present there. For instance if your prospects like to compare products on the Internet then ensure that your product catalogs and information is available at various relevant websites.
4. Get a go-ahead from the prospect: Taking the prospects permission does not intrude on his psychological space and he will be more willing to listen to what you have to convey about your products.

5. Lure the prospect " Who would not want to try out a weight reducing pill if it is offered for trial? Most people will take the bait. Offers like limited-period cash-back product trials and lucky gifts can be used extensively to attract the prospect to your products.

6. Following up regularly - Once the prospects permission is procured, you must keep sending focused information until the prospect converts to a customer. The important thing to remember is never to force the prospect but allow him to take the decision whenever he is satisfied.

If you apply these powerful techniques in your business, you will get guaranteed leads coming to you inquiring about your products and you will never ever have to go out searching for your next prospect.

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