Spider Vein Treatment and Their Benefits

Spider Vein Do you know what a spider vein is? Have you tried looking at your legs? Those red lines are seem to be branching in different directions are called spider veins. They can give you a feeling of uncomfortability and leg numbness. It may also lead to worsening skin conditions such as dermatitis or skin ulcers.

The good news is you're loaded with options for spider vein treatment. You can go for something so easy to do such as regular exercise to something quite scarier and more expensive, such as sclerotherapy. Either way, the decision will still be yours to make.

Why You Need to Stock Up on Your Stockings

The reason for wearing support hose far exceeds vanity. They are not only used to make your legs appear good but to allow them to "breathe." Stockings can provide your legs good pressure so the veins will not swell and start to ache.

Move Your Body

Spider veins can show up even if you are not basically doing anything, such as when you are sitting. No wonder they affect men and women who are trapped in their workstations for almost the entire day. Your best defense is to give yourself a break. Loosen up. Chat with your officemate seated a few rows from you. Get that cup of coffee in another room. After office hours, walk around shopping malls or parks for 30 minutes.

Why Food Matters

Do not ignore the horse chestnut plant when it comes to spider vein treatment. The herb, so-called aescin, which originates from the plant's dried seeds can actually give strength to the walls of your blood vessels so they will not swell or become soft. They can also reduce inflammation related to spider veins and can even heal damaged veins.

Hail to the Creams

When you happen to drop by your favorite drugstore, don't forget to take one of those treatment creams for spider veins. They are truly effective in preventing swelling and allowing your blood to circulate properly. Remember, though, to go only for those that are properly labeled. Others may contain harmful chemicals that will only worsen the condition.

Medical Treatment

If your spider veins are in their worst state, your last and best option is to undergo schlerotherapy. This process includes injecting a chemical called sclerosant into your spider veins. This will ultimately damage and leave a scar in the vein's inside lining, which will then lead to the vein's closure.

Whatever spider vein treatment that you choose, though, you have to remember one thing: your overall well-being. Do not allow yourself to use any of these treatments if this is against your general health condition. Who knows, you are all the more putting yourself in danger.

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