5 Basics for Using Articulating TV Wall Mounts

articulatingTVmount Among the various types of TV wall mounts, the articulating TV mount is the most flexible. The swivel arm of the articulating mount joins the TV bracket with a wall plate.

Once installed, a flat panel TV on an articulating TV wall mount can be moved in and out from the wall and swiveled from left to right. This articulation of the swivel arm allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your TV. As a result, you get a level of convenience that just is not present with other types of TV wall mounts.

Before you start the installation of your articulating TV wall mount, you need to take a few moments and consider the pointers below. Of course, you need to make sure that the money saved is worth the effort you will invest in mounting your own TV. Trust me though, it is not that hard and, if you start smart with these tips, you will have an advantage in going into the job.

1. Pick the Right Kind of TV Wall Mount for Your Needs.

Articulating TV wall mounts all come in various sizes and types. Making the right choice of which one would be ideal for you is all based on assessing your lifestyle in advance. You must ask simple questions like do you sit in the same place to watch TV every time? Do you like watching TV from the kitchen while cooking? Do you prefer to be able to change your seating arrangement and still being able to watch TV with maximum efficiency? If the answer is more or less yes for most of these questions than the articulating TV wall mount would be an ideal option for you.

2. Pick an Appropriate Wall Mount for Your Television.

Wall mounts come in various sizes and shapes. The correct articulating TV wall mount size is based on the size of the TV you have or plan to purchase. This is seen as one of the easiest steps. This is because the size specifications can usually be found on the side of the box or you can ask your local dealer or online retailer. They could also assist you in choosing an ideal mount for your specific TV choice.

3. Think About Features of Your Wall That Will Affect TV Mounting.

A big thing to consider here is whether your wall has wooden studs or not. Additionally, the spacing between studs can play a big part in how and where you mount your TV. A good thing to pick up when considering where to place your TV is a stud finder. You can get one at your local hardware store for less than twenty dollars. If you are dealing with steel studs, you are going to have to do some further research to make sure you get the job done right.

4. Do You Have a Lease That Prohibits Drilling in Walls?

If you lease your residence, the terms of your lease will dictate whether or not you can install a TV wall mount. If you cannot install a TV wall mount, there are still great ways to display your TV by using a custom TV cabinet designed for use with flat panel TVs. Additionally, even if your lease agreement prohibits you from installing a TV wall mount, consider talking to your landlord to see whether they would make an exception. You will never know unless you ask.

5. Gather Your Tools and Accessories Beforehand.

Once you have completed all 4 steps, do not just rush into getting it up and going. Preparation for installation of your articulating TV wall mount is the key to a successful installation task completed. Make sure you have already taken out the tools that will be required during the process of mounting a TV wall mount in advance. The last thing you want is holding a screw in place and finding out you forgot to take out the screwdriver.

These five steps should help you in succeeding to complete your perfect wall with the perfect articulating TV wall mount.

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