Fun Dating Ideas for Everyone

dating Let's say you're way over the first date and have started moving forward with your relationship. You now need some fun dating ideas to jazz up the second date because deep down inside, you know it's the clincher to the next step of your relationship. If you're tired of the same old ideas and would like to really wow your dates with your fun dating ideas, here are a few suggestions for you.

The tips here are not too expensive, and will show off your light-hearted side, your caring side and your boyish side. The first date was your hook. During the first date you somehow managed to get her to consider you as Mr. Right. In order to make the second date go over just right, you need to make sure she'll have a good time. Here are some tips for some fun dating ideas. With these fun dating ideas, you have the opportunity to come across as naughty, sassy, edgy and confident, and never boring.

1. Karaoke - This is the time-tested way to get her laughing at your antics in good fun. Have you ever wondered why so many restaurant businesses took off after they installed a Karaoke machine? Daters love to sing romantic love songs that express their feelings. If you think about it, there IS a love song that will describe exactly how you feel for a person. You just need to find it and sing your own rendition. There is also the element of stardom in a Karaoke date that isn't present in the other fun dating ideas that you will read here. You can even play role play. Pose as the American Idol wannabe and let her judge if you can be the next big star in the pop music industry.

2. Urban picnic - This idea is different from the blanket-on-the-ground type because the food you will bring with you to the park or beach won't require you to carry a picnic basket. Choose a place where there is a food stand and order to go. Better yet, bring your backpack and go for an urban trek around the city. Make the sandwiches yourself and bring a portable thermos for your coffee. You can walk the day away and talk about anything under the sun, while enjoying the repast you made especially for her.

3. A Comedy Club - Discover why so many love comedy shows. Visit your closest comedy club and laugh the night away while comics dish out their best jokes. This is a great way to demonstrate your sense of humor, and the jokes that make you laugh. Be sure not to take her to any shows that are way too raunchy for a second date.

4. Chick Flick - This is a great component of a girl-power evening, and you don't have to isolate yourself from her while you're watching a girlie movie. Enjoy watching her react to the way the movie was created; you can also discuss how you felt about the hero and the heroine as the date progresses. These girlie movies make for great conversation pieces, and you are showing her that the movies she loves to watch are also important to you.

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