Bedroom Insomnia

bedroom Many people suffer from what they think is insomnia when in most cases it is anxiety. You may be wondering what this has to do with beds, but the truth is that this anxiety can keep them from falling asleep and having a good night's rest. It all comes down to the body's ability to relax and if the bed is not comfortable then relaxation will not come easily.

Do some stretches before going to bed.

Everyone stretches out in the morning, but when you chose to stretch a bit before lying down, you are allowing yourself to be more relaxed and therefore are able to become more comfortable in bed. This will help you sleep better.

Clearing out your mind!
If you have not finished certain tasks throughout the day, do not sit there in the bed for hours thinking about them. You have to leave the day time stuff out of the bedroom. Try focusing on a point on the ceiling and pay attention to you breathing, if this is all you are thinking about, then the next thing you know it will be morning.

A very comfortable position!

Finding a comfortable position to fall asleep in is important. Once you have found something that is comfortable, do not try to find something that is even better because when you roll around you are keeping yourself awake and not focusing on falling asleep.

Don't forget to breath!

We all know this, but did you know that if you put forth an effort to not only control your breathing, but also pay attention to how it is done such as feeling the air going in the nose, down the throat and into the lungs then back, you can actually fall asleep quicker.

Drinking something warm helps you relax.

We are not talking about alcoholic drinks, but rather warm milk or hot cocoa; just no caffeine. This will help increase your core body temperature which can help you fall asleep faster.

Of course there is no substitution for having a great and very comfortable bed. Sometimes all of our sleep related issues can actually be traced to an unsupportive or even dirty mattress. This might be the case in your sleep related issues as well. So go a head and try these techniques to help you fall asleep at night so you can wake up the next morning well-rested. However if they do not work, you might want to think about getting a new bed or mattress.

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