Your diet is causing you pain

diet Many people who suffer from the condition known as gout have found that by making changes to their dietary habits has helped to reduce the sudden pain that they feel. Therefore if you are a person who suffers from this condition it is important that you have the correct kind of gout diet in place.

When you have to much uric acid in your body it will crystallize around your joints and cause them to become inflamed and painful, this condition is known as gout. If your diet is high in purines and protein then there is a good chance that you will have an attack of gout at some point.

When your gout attack is so painful that you can hardly walk, realize that a lot of that pain is caused by your diet, if you drink beer regularly , eat game meat or liver then you can expect to experience gout attacks regularly. It is a good idea to keep a record of what you eat and drink for a month or so , include information on any gout attacks you may have.

When looking at your dietary requirements if you suffer from gout the first thing that you should be doing is increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you are consuming. At least you should be eating no less than five servings of these each day. Ideally if you can to ensure that you get maximum benefit from these you either eat or drink them in a raw state or you just lightly steam them.

Eat your vegetables , they are good for you. How many times have we all heard that as children, well Gout is one of the few diseases where some vegetables could actually be causing you pain. You should start cutting down on your intake of corn, peas and potatoes as soon as possible.

Another important thing you will need to do to help improve your gout is to increase the amount of filtered or spring water you drink. Doing this will actually help you to filter and eliminate the build up of uric acid in your body. Ideally you should be aiming to drink around eight glasses of this kind of water each day.

Along with knowing which foods you should be including in your gout diet it is important to also know the kinds of foods that you should be avoiding. The main foods that one should be avoiding because they contain high levels of both protein and purine are beef, pork, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, cream, eggs and beans. If you can eliminate these from your diet along with many different types of vegetable oils, offal (kidneys and liver) you will find that the chances of your condition becoming worse are greatly reduced.

You can reduce your gout attacks and the severity of them over time just by making changes to your diet and increasing your water intake. These dietary changes will not only help reduce your gout pain they will also help you feel better in yourself. Constant pain of gout is something that will affect your way of living and you can improve this dramatically just by a few simple changes in eating habits.

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