Is a Small Business PBX Phone System Right For Your Business?

PABX Phone Giving your customers a way to easily get in touch with you is a vital part to running a business. Phones are still the most common and convenient form of communication in business today. Shouldn't your existing company phone service be working harder for your business?

By utilizing a virtual small business PBX phone service, you greatly improve what your current phone service can do for you. Allowing your existing business phone service to do more for your company is all that a business PBX system is about. By adding features and capabilities to your current business phone service, a small business PBX phone system greatly enhances your most basic form of communication.

A business PBX service makes your existing small business telephone service act like that of a much larger corporation. If you have ever called a larger company that has an virtual telephone system that greets you and lets you pick an employee or department to talk to, then you know exactly what a small business virtual PBX will do for your business.

In addition to using your current phone lines, a phone auto attendant service gives you either a local or toll-free phone number that serves as your primary business telephone number. When a customer calls your primary phone number, they are greeted by your virtual receptionist and are given a choice as to where they want their call to be directed to (person or department).

You have complete control over the routing of incoming phone calls. What makes a virtual PBX service so powerful and flexible is that incoming phone calls can be sent to any phone that has a dial tone, regardless of its location. This means that you can be vacationing in France and receive customer calls on your cell phone, or you can route customer calls to your home phone on evenings and weekends.

With service plans beginning at just $9.95 per month, you have to have a small business PBX phone service for your small business. Two of the biggest home PBX services are RingCentral and GotVmail. We have reviewed both services and they are each great, but one does stand above the other in terms of service and features.

With powerful features such as a virtual auto attendant (virtual receptionist), complete Internet faxing ability, individual voicemail for each extension and call queuing capability, a virtual PBX is something any business owner should consider using.

If your company relies on telephone service to communicate with customers, you have to give a hard look at a virtual small business PBX service. The ability to completely transform your current telephone service will amaze you.

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