A Close Look At The Apple iPhone 3G - Is It The Real Deal?

apple-iphone-3g If you've been waiting for iPhones to bring you enough features to get your money's worth, then the Apple iPhone 3G is your dream come true!

The latest version of the Apple iPhone turns it into an indispensable tool at your fingertips, in addition to entertainment in the palm of your hand. Some of the most exciting new features include:

You can now use third party applications to expand your Apple iPhone 3G to almost limitless capabilities! The iPhone App Store already has a magnificent assortment of applications for your new iPhone, both free and paid programs. And to make it even easier to get to the store, they have added a new icon to the main menu for the iPhone App Store. Simply touch the picture, and you're there. You'll feel like a kid in a candy store!

To enhance your web experience, the Apple iPhone 3G now provides support for the super-speed 3G networks. What this means to you is faster surfing than ever before, quicker downloads, easier game playing, better video quality from your web destinations, and much more. The difference from the old iPhone to this one is like night and day.

The Apple iPhone 3G now has expanded email capabilities. The addition of the Microsoft Exchange server brings greater speed and additional options. You can now use more than one email account, which is great if you keep business and personal accounts separate, or if more than one person uses your iPhone. Another nifty thing you can do with your email now is to save attached images from your emails. You can add them directly to your photo gallery with one touch.

For international use, you can now choose to communicate in more languages than ever before.

There is a new Contacts icon to take you directly from the home screen right to your contacts list. Plus, you can now search your contacts list with the new Search Bar.

If you are a math or science enthusiast, then you'll really enjoy their new scientific calculator.

The call quality is better on the Apple iPhone 3G. The volume is louder, and they have taken out some of the background noise.

Do you like to keep tabs on your kids' activities? With the new parental controls, you can be sure your kiddos are staying within appropriate bounds on the web.

Another web enhancement that you get with the new Apple iPhone 3G is that you can now take screenshots of webpages. The screenshots are stored in your photo gallery.

And these are only some of the new features and benefits you will find in the Apple iPhone 3G! Overall, the changes have really brought the iPhone into the realm of something everyone can now enjoy. The colors, graphics, and music are as clear and sharp as ever, and the quality of photos is a little better than before. The sheer number of applications and ways you can use your iPhone are growing by the day.

There are some features that have yet to be incorporated, and are quite noticeable in their absence. You still cannot record video with the iPhone, watch flash movies on the web, or cut and paste. However, with the new technology supporting third party applications, these features may be only a short time, and a tap of the finger on your screen, away!

So, to answer the question in the title: YES, the Apple iPhone 3G is the real deal! You don't need to wait any longer for technology to catch up with it. All the technology you desire is now available to you, and it's right at your fingertips!

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